Page 9 - Rapid Profits Online (John Thornhill & Omar Martin) : Flip It & Read It
P. 9

In fact, we’d bet our bottom dollar that you DON'T

               know about the sea of change in the online
               marketing world.

               It's gonna p**s off ALL the greedy marketing

               gurus, because we’re killing one of their sacred

               And frankly, it's about time someone  nally put
               that withered old thing out of its misery.

               Because this popular online marketing model
               has been dying a slow and painful death for

               YEARS... and we have no idea why so many
               marketers keep using it.

               This now obsolete strategy is the very REASON
               why most people can't get online marketing to

               work these days.

               Even though all the self-anointed gurus...

               peddling their “get rich quick” courses and
               programs... have told you that it's the best way to

               start generating an income online.

               After more than thirty  ve years combined

               running successful online businesses… we can
               agree that there is ONE indisputable fact.

               What you've been told is the number one best
               way to build your business online is...
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